Saturday, September 02, 2006

October topic: Unschooling Math: If you’re like me and went to public school, you grew up being taught math from a text book. Now, as an unschooling parent, how do you live math when you’ve been conditioned to think of math in school terms. How do you go from one to the other?

Teaching math has never been an issue in our house. Outside of my oldest son, none of the children have ever used a math text or taken a math course.

Sports have been my best friend for the boys to actively engage in calculating. Whether it is how many strikes make an out, how many outs end an inning, how many field goals you need to outscore one touchdown, how a strike out will change someone's batting average, or how many seconds are left in a game, sports just naturally lead to math awareness. When coupled with my children's very competitive nature, math awareness quickly becomes math ability and accurarcy. Bragging rights goes to the child with the highest batting average, highest winning percentage, best free throw percentage and you can only boast if you can figure it out.

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