Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Clue to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


I am not typically one that watches the evening news, usually far too busy with life to spend those hours in the evening watching tv...but for some reason I caught the news tonight, not all of it but just enough to catch this little tidbit.

SIDS cast a huge shadow over much of my childhood. We lost my brother to SIDS in 1976 and life was never the same. It haunted me as a parent, the paranoia that kept me from ever allowing my babies to sleep in their own rooms, I had to be able to touch them, to hear them breath. After all the years of research, it is comforting to hear that they now have a clue to at least one possible cause. I pray, by the day I am graced with grandchildren that today's discovery may lead to a cure.

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