Saturday, October 07, 2006

FEARFEST at Kings Island

Open at 7:00PM until 12:00 Midnight. Some FearFest attractions will open at dark.

FearFest Friday Night: Buy this discount ticket in advance now and get in for just $19.99 on any of the following FearFest Friday Nights: 10/6, 10/13, 10/20, and 10/27. Hurry, limited-time offer will be dead and gone soon!

all the fear you can handle and all in one place! Why drive all over town when you can get your fear fix in one place? FearFest at Kings Island is the most intense Halloween event around and the only place you'll find maddening haunted houses, chain link mazes, crazed clowns in 3D and frightening wooded trails!
13 total haunted attractions the most terrifying rides on the planet and now more monsters than ever before. FearFest...Don't say we didn't warn you! Fearfest included with park admission.

Hannah, Brett and 3 of their friends decided to head up to Fearfest! Another friend was supposed to be joining them, but her dad said it would be too scary so she had to stay home. The group had a blast and absolutely LOVED riding the rollercoasters in the dark (you would NEVER catch me doing that!). I ended up picking the kids up at 11 PM and we went and ate dinner at Skyline. I loved listening to them relive the evening, especially the story of Sarah getting asked to homecoming by the boy with the green spiked hair! I dropped the other kids off and finally ended up back home at about 1 AM. I am so grateful that my kids have wonderful friends to hang out with!

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