Friday, October 27, 2006

Union Township Fire Station / Water Tower Tour
Friday, October 27; 10AM
860 Clough Pike Cincinnati, OH 45245
Corner of Clough and Glen Este-Withamsville Road
IMPORTANT: Clough Pike is closed at I-275 so most will need to enter from Glen Este-Withamsville
Geared towards ages 6 – 11 but anyone welcome
Organizer: Denise K

Take a tour of new facility and hear about fire safety. The innovative building sits beneath the 2 million-gallon capacity water tower and consists of three floors. It is one of only 5 firestations in the entire country that sits under a watertower (ironically, 2 of the 4 other ones are also located in Ohio). The first floor houses the engine and a paramedic unit, firefighters' quarters comprise the second floor, and the third floor is the township fire department's administrative offices, as well as the new Union Township Television (UTTV) facility.

Hannah stayed home, but the rest of the crew headed out to check this place out!

What an absolutely awesome tour. Of all the fire station tours we have ever attended, this was by far the most informative and interactive. Our tourguide, Travis Brown, did an amazing job of showing us both the ambulance and the fire truck and even went step by step through how a fireman dresses to attend a fire! If you ever have a chance to tour this facility, see if Travis might be there to lead your tour!

The great thing about the tour was that it lent itself very well to the "First Aid in Action" 4-H project that the kids were working on. One requirement is to take a field trip related to the topics in the book (and a firestation certainly fits the bill!) and another section requires them to interview anemergencyy first aid worker ( asking 5 to 8 questions) and Travis was more than happy to oblige!

The questions included:

What does an ambulance carry?
Sled, backboard, stretcher, first aid kit, cardiac monitor, c-collars, oxygen, and a 2 person crew

What is in the first aid kit?
clipboard, c-collars, puke sucker (the kids LOVED that one), stethoscope, scissors strong enough to cut through anelectricall cord, blood pressure cuff, flashlight, glucometer, oxygen tubing, intubation kit, IV bags and kit, bandaids

How much does a fireman's outfit weigh?
70 lbs

How long will a tank of air last?
30 minutes under normal use (depending on lung capacity) but can be used for almost 2 hours of rescue breathing if a firefighter gets trapped.

How many calls does Union Township handle each year?
200,000 calls per year, so roughly 548 calls per day!

How many stations are their in Union Township?
4. One on Glen-Este Withiamsville (that we toured), two on Old St. Rt. 74, and one on St. Rt. 125 (the busiest)

How many of the people that work at that station are paramedics?
All but 2 who were grandfathered in when they added that requirement

Strangest animal you have ever rescued?
An alligator someone flushed down the toilet

Animal you get called the most about?
Bats. Yes, we will go and get them out of houses.

How heavy of a person can the 2 man crew carry?
500 lbs

How heavy of a person can the stretcher hold?
650 lbs

Heaviest person you have ever transported?
1300 lbs, the city had to makeaccommodationss to the man's house so they could pull right up to the front door because they were called their so many times. Took 10 to 11 guys to transport him.

How long are your shifts?
24 hours, every 3 days

How many guys are on a shift?
4 guys, giving us 2-2 person crews

Do you like your job?

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