Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 11th Imago Earth (
Native American Overview
$4.00 per participating student
Ages: All

This shorter Native American encounter features the highlights of our full-day experience. Students will learn how local Native Americans lived in the forests with particular attention paid to the hunting, gathering, and growing of food, the making of clothes, and the tools associated with everyday life. Face painting and a skill game will also be included.

Meets the following Ohio Academic Content Standards(not that as an unschooler I care! LOL) : 1st grade History 3-5, People in Societies 1-3; 2nd grade History 4-5, People in Societies 2-3, Economics 1; 3rd grade People in Societies 1,3; 4th grade History 2, People in Societies 1; 5th grade History 2, People in Societies 1-2; 6th grade People in Societies 1.

Outdoor Adventure
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I can't say that we were very impressed with this program, but the weather was gorgeous and our group leader did an OK job leading our group. The kids would have probably enjoyed a program that was a bit more hands on. Luke slept the entire time in his new sweet pea wrap...of course I forgot to get a picture of him in it!

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