Thursday, May 10, 2007

River Rats!

We decided to take advantage of Wednesday's absolutely gorgeous weather and 80 degree temperatures and headed down to the river. Right near our house is a wonderful little inlet to the river where you don't have to worry about the current or the water levels

getting to deep for the little ones. There is plenty of river life for the catching, our prey of choice on this expedition seemed to be juvenile water snakes. The kids had an absolute ball trying to catch them. They managed to get two, one they names Sammy and the other Bebe (which stood for bad you can't guess how that one got its name now can you?). Both Grant and Cade got bit but neither seemed to mind. The kids had an absolute blast exploring the banks and even encountered a couple of larger snakes. There were also plenty of small fish in the inlet area. The kids can't wait for our next free afternoon with warm weather so we can head back! Amazingly I actually had watershoes for everyone but Grant and Jacob. I promised them I would have some for them before the next trip.....gymshoes and flip flops just don't work nearly as well! Luke slept the entire time (over 2 hours) that the kids played in the river. The joys of a lazy spring afternoon!


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Really cool pictures. I'd still love to connect with Jay if he gets a chance. or 914-548-8156.

Be blessed.


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