Monday, April 14, 2008

Clowning around and ringing in Jacob's birthday!

What better way to celebrate Jacob turning double digits (the BIG 1-0!) than with a clowning activity with our 4-H group! All of the kids in the group decided what kind of clown they wanted to be (we did some research and discussion of clown types prior to deciding!) and then sketched out what they wanted their face to look like. After we got everyone's face's painted (thanks to help from Hannah, Deanne and Laura K.) the kids performed skits for everyone in the group.
10 years ago, Jacob was a very sick newborn, laying in the NICU at University Hospital. They thought he was septic and strep B positive. They started him on IV antibiotics. Despite his fragile state, he was the most beautiful baby I had ever laid my eyes on. I remember the next day, his brothers and sisters coming to visit. Grant couldn't even stand to look at him! It took Grant over a month to actually TOUCH his baby brother! I often remember that when the two of them are playing and clowning around!
Jacob opted for a bike and dinner at Golden Corral for his birthday celebration. It is hard to believe he is 10 years old already!
411 on Jacob:
Middle Name: Zaren (for the midwife Karen that stayed with me through 36 hours of labor)
Favorite sport: basketball
Favorite team: USC Trojans for football Xavier for basketball Pittsburgh Pirates for baseball
Favorite color: hot pink
Favorite food: steak
Place he wants to go for vacation: China
Favorite sport's player: Willie Stargell

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