Monday, July 13, 2009

I am not sure....

if in every large family there is a WILLIAM....a child that just constantly surprises you with the things that comes out of his mouth or by the things he does. I just had a share a couple of WILLIAM moments, he just turned 5 the end of June!

Last Friday, early in the morning, I am on the computer like I always am in the morning, as I like to check email before starting the day. William comes up and asks me if, when I am finished, I can get him into YOUTUBE.

Me: Yes, I can get you into youtube, but no one is awake to help you find what you want.

William: That's OK, I know how to NAVIGATE it myself!

Me: (laughing) You know how to navigate it yourself? Do you even know what navigate means William?

William: (rolling eyes) Yeah, it means to get around!

So the only thing to do.....get him into youtube and let him navigate it!

Saturday evening, Jay takes William up to the park to through him some batting practice. When they get home, Jay walks in....

Jay: (to me) Ask William how he learned to hit a baseball.

Me: William, how did you learn to hit a baseball?

William: YOUTUBE!

And then he goes into repeating step by step how the video on youtube showed him how to bat, it was HILARIOUS, wish I had thought to videotape it, would have made a nice youtube addition!

Comic relief for my life, bundled up in a 40 lb package!


Rana said...

Aren't they amazing? I have two Williams they just turned 6.

Stephanie said...

I have a William and her name is Becca...LOL... they really need to hang out!

Becky said...

Very cute and very smart boy! Sad thing is - he has me beat in computer savvy!! Does he do any tutoring?

Becky G