Wednesday, October 28, 2009

4-H Cemetery Scavenger Hunt and Party

For our meeting Monday we decided to have a cemetery scavenger hunt and a halloween party! I think everyone had a great time! The SPOOKY looking pictures in the slide show above are STRAIGHT OUT of the camera, pretty freaky! Do you believe in GHOSTS?????

Here is a copy of the scavenger hunt we used:


Have your participants try to obtain digital photos of each of the items on the graveyard scavenger hunt list.

Grave markers often have pictures on them. Find markers with each of the following:



__________Cross and crown







__________Praying child

__________Star of David

__________Teddy Bear

Grave markers come in various shapes and styles. Find grave markers that are shaped as follows:

__________Cross Headstone

__________Double headstone with 2 vases

__________Double heart monument

__________Garden memorial boulder

__________Headstone with vase

__________Memorial bench

Grave markers sometimes tell more than just the person's name and age. Find markers with each of the following:

__________Beloved husband and father

__________Beloved wife and mother

__________Forever in our hearts

__________In memory of

__________Our loving parents

__________Rest in peace

__________Sleeping with the angels

Grave markers, tombstones, or mausoleums that have the following:

__________Earliest birthday you can find

__________Oldest tombstone you can find

__________Same birthday as a team member

__________Shortest life span you can find

__________Longest life span you can find

__________Longest last name you can find

__________"Saint" appears on it

__________Shortest last name you can find

__________Someone from another country

__________Someone who served in military

Designate a time and meeting place for the teams to return to. The first team to obtain the photos of the items, make it back within the allotted time, and has the most points will be the winner.


  • Each photo collected is worth 1 point.
  • The first team to finish shall receive 5 bonus points.
  • For each minute a team is late, they will be penalized 1 point.


mtakworthley said...

I've spent most of this moring devouring your blog, whch I found H2H mentioned on C-A-T-C-H. I find your efforts in educating your childrent truly amazing, remarkable and admirable! Just curious, where do you find all the great places and field trips which you note on your blog? From your blog, I did just join, but there are only a couple in this area 45236. Thank you for your time.

Tracy W.

Laura Riesenberg said...

I tend to spend a lot of time listening to ideas from other homeschooler and even from friends who have kids in school about outings they have gone on. Typically I figure it someplace is willing to set up a tour for a school group, then they will set up something for homeschoolers as well. Rarely have I been told no. The nice thing with having a larger family is that it is easier for me to meet the minimum required by some tours. A few years ago HSN (Homeschool Network of Cincinnati had a meeting where they gave out a handout listing many of the resources in our area and I have hung on to that to refer to during "dry" periods. I am lucky to have homeschooling friends that are willing to seek out and set up get opportunities for my children as well.