Monday, March 15, 2010

Bracketology 101--Riesenberg Style

So the much anticipated NCAA tournament pairings are announced, the printer is set into overdrive trying to spit out enough brackets for everyone to fill out. Every year the prize is always the same--$20 for first place, $10 for second place and $5 for third place. Let the FUN begin!

Luke--colors in the entire bracket with a red crayon, I can almost guarantee that he will get as many right as I do!

William--understands brackets far better than any 5 year old should and knows how to fill them in completely on his own.....he needs some help reading a few of the teams names, but he knows who he thinks will win each game. He is more a name or mascot kind of kid!

Sophia--picks the highest seeded team each time

Cade, Jacob and Grant--a little bit of research and a lot of heart!

Brett--research, research research

Laura--takes most of the favorites, picks a couple of underdogs and then MUST take Xavier (dh alma mater) to make it at least to the sweet 16 if she wants aforementioned dh to continue speaking to her.

Jay--knows each teams record, the RPI, and if they play well on the road with limited fan support (or if they have fans that will sell out the arena). Picks with his head, not his heart, even where Xavier is concerned! Of course is Xavier's cross town rivals (UC bearcats) were to be seeded #1 overall, there is no way he would pick them to win the whole thing!

Let the MADNESS begin! I'll let you know who wins in about 3 weeks!

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