Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last fall the boys discovered the woods across the street from our house, yes, I know we have lived here almost 5 years now, but it wasn't like I was going to let them wander across the street by themselves when we first moved in. We aren't sure who owns the property, it is really just a steep wooded hill with a creek at the bottom, but it is plenty big enough for them to explore!

Thursday they went over and explored returning with a salamander that they had found under a rock! They were so excited and googled salamanders to learn a bit more about their spotted friend! He was returned to the rock they found him under about an hour later!

Yesterday (Friday) I returned from a shopping trip to be greeted by about an 18 inch water snake! They were thrilled with their discover and made "SSSSSSILK" a home in a rubbermaid container. Unfortunately "SSSSSSILK" was a bit smarter than the boys and escaped while they were inside eating dinner. Hopefully he found his way back across the street! Honestly I am surprised no one got bit as much as they handled him all afternoon.

Today, the discovery was a VERY LARGE crayfish (crawdad)! Cade measured him with a ruler and he measures a WHOOPING 4", pretty darn big if you ask me! Neither Jay or I have ever seen one so large. Again, the discovery led to the boys googling what crayfish eat and if they will fight each other. I love watching their natural desire to learn! Learning for the sake of knowledge, not because some teacher standing at the front of a classroom is telling them that it is going to be on some stupid test!

I can only wonder (and wait to see) what tomorrow's discovery might be. A different species of salamander or snake, another macro long as it isn't inside my house, I guess I won't complain!


twinsmom said...

I just found your blog and can't wait to read more, but had to comment that I'm glad my girls aren't the only ones bringing crawfish home already. Glad they didn't find any snakes.

Kim Monaco said...

Wow - unschooling at its best!

Love it!