Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interactive Passover Event

I attended the most amazing event at the Jewish Discovery Center today with the kids. It was an interactive walk through that explained the story of passover. It was very hands on, each plague had a hands on activity connected to it. Before we began, they dressed each child in a robe (made of felt) and a head wrap to represent how the Jewish people had dressed at the time of the first passover celebration. We started out our tour with the water being turned to blood (drank red juice), then onto the frogs (the kids were given small plastic frogs to have jump around), lice (the kids played in rice with rubber bugs in it and each left with a plastic spider ring), wild animals (everyone made animal mask) and domestic animals dying, boils (popping bubble wrap), fire and hail (firey lollipops to eat), locust (popping ball game) , darkness (sunglasses), death (we colored doors with red crayons). Then we heard the story of the unleavened bread and watched a video about making matzoh and made our own paper matzoh to carry with us. We made a lamb craft (to symbolize the slaughtered lamb) and also had a mock Seder. We learned so much! Sophia and William were so funny, they knew the answers to so many of the questions because they learned the story of Moses last year during vacation bible school! I was shocked to hear them answer the first question she asked "what was the king called" and they answered in unison "Pharaoh" and she said "what did Moses ask of Pharaoh" and they both said "Pharaoh, let my people go"...surprisingly, the also knew most of the plagues!

The woman that led our tour said they will most likely offer the program next year, a few weeks prior to passover. This is the second year they have offered the program. If you live in the Cincinnati area, I would encourage you to attend next year if you have the chance. The only thing that we didn't like was that the space was a bit cramped, but they made the most out of the space they had and made is feel so welcome!

A few pictures....I didn't take very many, but I thought I would share these!

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