Monday, April 25, 2005

I am VERY SORE, I really thought I would be feeling better today, but I am feeling worse. My arm has a pins and needles feeling all the time with some sharp pain thrown in every once in a while. My back, right knee and neck/head hurt....the doc thinks my forearm has a deep bone bruise (although it might be broken...he wants to x-ray it again next week). Hannah's knee is bothering her to the point she can't put pressure on it (not good for a dancer) but her face is looking better (oh the joy of being young and healing quickly!). Em's doing OK, a little tender,but on the mend. The little ones seem to be fine physically, although Will isn't sleeping at all (I literally mean this...he sleeps 20 or 30 minutes and then wakes up screaming for about 30 minutes to an hour...then sleeps 20 minutes....then screams for an hour...this goes on the whole night)....I actually had a chiropractor adjust him today...we will see if he sleeps tonight.

We went and picked up the rental van today...I actually drove the 5 miles home with only a bit of that "panicky" feeling...I was fine running the typical errands to the ballfields and dance, but I don't know how I will do on a less familiar course! I can only imagine how I will feel the first time I try to drive the route of the accident.


hestiahomeschool said...

What a joy it was to get to see you today, and to see that you are going to be okay. I am so over protective, I couldn't believe you were alright until I saw you with my own eyes. That is a very nasty bruise on your arm. I am happy that wee Willie is feeling better after his adjustment.
I am looking forward to all the fun things we have planned! I am VERY interested in the gardening club,and let me know about 4-H. I can register us here in Kentucky, and we can share resources. I know many of our booklets and activities are free. One fun thing I forgot to mention was that we started making a book on forestry. It would be fun with all the scrapbooking skills to really do this up, :-)
lots of love,

hestiahomeschool said...

I check once or twice a day, wanting to see how you are. Are you going to the park class tomorrow?

I miss you and love you...

Anonymous said...

I just checked in here and read about your accident. I'm so sorry you had such a traunatic event. I am very glad to hear that your kids are okay and I hope everyone is on the mend, physically and mentally. Your arm isn't broken, is it?

Kim of Relaxed Homeskool