Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ohio River Foundation Field Trip
Friday May 20th
Fernbank Park (located on Hwy 50 close to Sayler Park Schools)9:30 AM to 2 PMCost: $6 per child (payable the day of or check) kindergarten through highschool
Program held rain or shine!

Remember to bring a picnic/brown bag lunch and sunscreen.

Here is the most updated list for Friday's Ohio River Explorers Fieldtrip. If your name isn't on the list, please email me at and let me know:

Michelle age 11 grade 5
Ben age 11 grade 5
Deanna age 12 grade 6
Erica age 13 grade 7
Andy age 16
Courtney age 11 grade 5
Shannon age 6 grade K
Hanna age 11 grade 5
Michael age 12 grade 6
Steven age 12 grade 6
Brendon age 11 grade 5
Matthew age 9 grade 3
Zach (age 10)
Levi (age 5)
Jeff (age 10)
Nathan (age 13) grade 8
Jacob (age 11) grade 5
Spenser (age 8) grade 2
Robbie (age 10)
Raquel (age 8)
Sarah (age 16)
Chris (age 9)
Tabby (age 10)
Mandy (age 17)
Miles 2nd grade
Noah6th grade
Brett (age 14) grade 9
Emily (age 10) grade 5
Grant (age 9) grade 3
Jacob (age 7) grade 1
True (age 8) grade 3
Liam (age 6)
Josh(age 14)
Gaige (age 10)
Daniel (age 12) grade 6
Lillianna (age 7)
Jessica (age 14)
Kelly (age 9) grade 4
Lauren grade 12
Malcolm age 6
Alexander age 5
Anthony(age 13) grade 7
Xander (age 7) grade 2
Erin (age 8) grade 3
Jessica (age 7) grade 2
Jessica (age 6) K
Richard(9yrs, 3rd grade)Sam (6yrs, K)
Olivia age 11 grade 5
Patrick age 10 grade 4
Amy (age 8) 2nd grade

Directions to Fernbank Park (6601 River Rd. Cincinnati , OH 45233) Fernbank Park lies between River Road and the Ohio River in Sayler Park. From the looks of things, you get onto Rt. 50 WEST (River Rd.) in downtown and go out about 11 miles. If anyone is familiar with the park and this seems wrong, please email me and let me know so I can update everyone. Check out and scroll down page for additional maps.

Recap of fieldtrip:

Note: this program is usually geared for grades 4-12, but she will be working with me to have the programs meet the needs of our diverse group. Our hope is to divide the kids in groups by ages (say K-3, 4-6, and jr. high and up) to rotate through the learning stations. Here is a link to the Ohio RIver Foundation's webpage:

Field Trip Timetable : A typical field trip lasts 4-5 hours with a 30 minute sack lunch break. Lunch is not provided by Ohio River Foundation and should be brought by the student. All students will rotate through each of the learning stations for 1 hour per station.
9:30am: The group arrives and is greeted by the Ohio River Foundation leader, who discusses the day's plans and safe behavior.
9:45am: Learning Station 1
10:50am: Learning Station 2
11:55am: Lunch Break
12:30pm: Learning Station 3
1:35pm: Closing Activity
2:00pm: Group Departure

Learning Stations:Below is a description of the 3 learning stations that will be presented at this activity. Generally, program participants rotate through the available learning stations for 1 hour per station. This format allows us to connect with students in small groups where hands-on learning is easier to facilitate.

Mussel Mania : Did you know there are monkey face and pig snouts in the Ohio River? Just what does a baby bi-valve look like? How many eggs do mussels produce at one time? Discover the unique life cycles of the mussels of the Ohio River and see how they have evolved to survive as a part of the river's ecosystem. Learn how the mussels' well adapted anatomy helps them resist attack from most predators. Did you know the Zebras are attacking? This exotic invasive species is muscling its way into the ecosystem, destroying the native populations, and has made species such as the pink mucket, orangefoot, fat pocketbook, clubshell, and fanshell endangered. Learn how these interlopers starve the natives and what can be done to stop them!

Fish Factor: What can you tell about the way a fish lives by how it is physically structured? The answer is… everything! Don gloves and examine preserved and live fish specimens to learn about fish morphology, life cycle, and population levels. Biology at its best!

River Chemistry: C.S.I. team needed! We found some dead fishes and we need a top notch investigative team to figure out why. Our prime suspect is the water. We need you to test samples of river water for oxygen, temperature, and more. Learn why these parameters are so important to river health and fish longevity and vitality.Through discussion and hands on activities, all modules will explore what changes, small and large, can improve the environment and the Ohio River. By learning about their individual roles in the environment, students will be empowered to live in an ecologically friendly way.

Please RSVP to Laura at . I will need an accurate count to pass on to Annie (the education coordinator) by Wed. May 18th. Please include your children's name(s), age(s)/grade level(s) when RSVPing. Also feel free to contact me with any questions or for more information.

Remember to bring a sack lunch for your child/family.

I am asking that a parent/responsible adult stay with all children under the age of 10 (it is fine for younger children to come with a friend as long as they know they have an adult around should they need help). Children 11 and up are welcome to be "dropped off" for the program (provided you pick them up when the program is over!)

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I've already posted pictures on my blog from this wonderful program. For once, I had no nursing pictures of you and WIll!

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