Saturday, May 21, 2005

Long time, no update!

So much has happened here in the last 4 weeks...almost too much to comprehend!

The Tuesday after our van wreck, my mom called from the hospital saying she was in the ER with my dad and that they were running test on him. I got to the hospital about 10 minutes later (ironically I was in the van heading home and was one exit from the hospital). Within the hour they were telling us my dad had multiple myeloma, an incurrable blood cancer. They sent him up to ICU because he was in kidney failure (as a result of the throws the calcium from the bones it destroys into the kidneys, causing them to get blocked) and because he was suffering from confusion. Today is day 26 and he is STILL IN ICU!!!! Turns out he also had a stroke (only took them 2 weeks to figure it out) and then he got pneumonia. He was on a ventilator all last week and was finally weaned off of it Thursday! Dad is undergoing chemo for the cancer and dialysis for his kidneys so those of you who are the praying kind, please add him (Dave Hanks) to your prayers! I try to spend whatever time I can each day at the hospital. My mom and I are like oil and water, but I am TRYING to be patient and supportive. Somedays are harder than others!

My arm is still VERY SORE and it is hard to hold or carry anything! I can't even carry my purse, it really sucks! I still have a lot of numbness and get sore when trying to type or when driving. I was going to see a chiropractor, but things have been so hectic with my dad that I haven't been able to keep up with the visits. Hannah still complains of knee pain occassionally. Emily, Sophie and Will seem to have healed physically, but emotionally it is still hard. Sophie talks about the wreck all the time. The van is STILL in the shop (they decided to repair it to the tune of almost $10,000 because bluebook on it was still so high). The damn rental van they gave us ended up with a shattered passenger window, luckily none of the kids were hurt by the flying glass....I have NEVER known a window to just "explode" by simply shutting the door (and I mean shutting, not slamming!).

I also managed to get a UTI that the first antibiotic didn't clear up at all. I honestly think it is a remnant from the UTI I had back in early April, it never felt like it cleared up quite right. I finally got a 3rd antibiotic last Sunday and am feeling much better.

The older kids have finished up their Monday co-op for the schoolyear. I was disappointed to have to miss their ending day preformances (because I was at the hospital with my dad). Grant and Jacob still have one more week of their reading class and then we will fall into our "summer" schedule! I still have to turn in our "assessment"letter along with the paperwork for next schoolyear, probably will try to get that done here in the next week or so.

We attended a wonderful class yesterday presented by the Ohio River Foundation. I will post the details in another entry!

Will is growing like a weed...still cruising and momentarily standing on his own. I am wondering if he will start walking before his first birthday or not. The kids have been pretty evenly divided ....4 walked before their first birthdays and 3 walked after.

Baseball is in full swing. Grant's team just finished up the first half of the season with a perfect record! They will be heading to the gold division for the second half of the season! It should make for some really exciting games. Jacob is enjoying playing for the Tealtown Dragons (coach pitched) and Cade LOVES his first year of t-ball. He came home from practice the night they got their uniform t-shirts with every players name and number memorized!

One final bright note, we have found a wonderful new home, but the chaos of moving only adds to the hectic pace I am keeping!

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Lea said...

When things calm down post to the group.. we've been missing you and wondering how things were going...