Monday, May 23, 2005

Girl Scouts:
Monday, May 23
10 AM

Just wanted to remind everyone that I set up a tour of the UNMUSEUM for MONDAY May 23 at 10 AM (90 minute tour). The Unmuseum is part of the Contemporary Art Center downtown and is a wonderful exhibit (and hands on so we will have no problem with our toddlers...Sophie loved our last visit). It is FREE!

Check it out:

The trip downtown is always trying, parking is hard to find and I don't particualarly like walking with the kids on the busy streets, but as things go the journey was uneventful. The docent met our group (my kids, the Malott family and the Ridiman girls) and took us on a tour of the exhibits, talked a lot about art and interpretting it and then turned the kids lose to work on some art of their own (collages). The kids had a GREAT TIME!

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