Thursday, May 26, 2005

Thursday May 26th at 1:00 pm.

Korin writes: Please e-mail me if you want to come, and how many of you will be coming.Noah's Ark Farm is very much like a giant petting zoo, except that there are many odd animals who all get along together, that you wouldn't normally see.... let alone get to hold. We should have a general tour, get to see and hold many animals in the small handling barn, then after we see the >horses, goats, water buffalo, zebu and 1000 lb. hog we will be offered pony rides (much longer ones than parky's farm!) after that we are left alone to enjoy ourselves for as long as we want. They have food you can scoop out >into cake cones to feed the sheep/goats for 25 cents (on the honor system.... there is just a jar to put change in). One of the things I liked about this place, other than the ODD assortment of animals, is that after Wanda has shown you everything, and what animals you can hold touch etc. she goes away to work.... you can hold and touch whatever you want! All the >animals in the handling barn are not only tame enough for handling, but get along with everything else in the barn so they can all run around at the same time. I found it a bit surreal to have a baby pig, 4 rabbits, a ferret, kittens, a duck, turtles and a south american cavie all hanging out together! They also have llamas, emus, a giant long-horned steer and buffalo.

Noah's Ark Farm is located in California KY ...... 3269 Koehler Rd. 41007 if you want to mapquest. It is off the AA highway which you would get to via 471/US 27. To give you an idea.....I will send a detailed set of directions to those of you who will be attending.I would suggest carpooling for those few of you who can as I don't remember a lot of room to park, although I'm sure they don't care where you parkalong their road.

COST: 5$ per person. I'm not sure if this includes 3 and under or what.... I'd say you should plan on everyone paying (even little ones) when you make your decision to come and hopefully they won't have to. Also, you should probably assume you're going to do the pony ride.

Directions from Mapquest:

4: Merge onto I-275 S via the ramp on the LEFT toward OH-32/KENTUCKY.
5: Merge onto AA HWY/KY-9 S via Alexandria Pike
6: Turn RIGHT onto CALIFORNIA CROSS RD. 0.8 miles
7: Turn LEFT onto KY-10. 0.7 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto KOEHLER RD. 0.1 miles

It took a while to get to the farm,but it was worth the drive. Unfortunately I forgot Will's sling and there wasn't a stroller in the car so I had to "beg" my homeschooling friends for a stroller or a sling, I still can't carry him because my arm is still sore and swollen over a month after the accident.....a wonderful mom lent me her stroller that I used while Will slept and then another mom lent me her sling when he woke up.

The farm hosted a large assortment of animals...the beautiful long horned steers among my favorite (I had never seen one in person before). The kids got to feed baby goats bottles and handfeed the adult goats (they put the feed in an icecream cone). Cade even rode the pony. I took a bunch of pictures with the regular "film" camera, so it will be a while before I can scan them into the computer (I can't find the charger or USB cable for the regular camera since the must be buried in a box!


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