Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday, June 1, 2005;10 AM and 11 AM:
Park Program: Pond Exploring (all ages) + TEEN GET TOGETHER (see end of email)Woodland Mound Park

I wrote: Remember, my family plans to picnic and go the the water play area (frisbee golf for the teens) after the program! Please stay and play with us!

There is nothing like exploring the pond in the spring! Put on your play clothes and your boots/watershoes and join us as we explore one of the many ponds at Woodland Mound. Meet at the Seasongood Nature Center. The naturalist will present a short program, and then take us to muck up the pond. The program is FREE!

The following families are assigned to the following timeslot: 10 AM: Fetters, Bayes, Braswell11 AM: Riesenberg, Ridiman, Webel, Hensley, Leland, Ballman

According to the weather channel, it looks like a gorgeous day! We will picnic and hit the waterpark or the playground after our hike. Program held rain or shine!

Attention TEENS...any teen that would like to come and HANG OUT and PLAY at the park but doesn't want to attend the pond program, plan to meet us at NOON for lunch and then if you would like, the teens can go and play frisbee golf while the younger kids hit the water area and playground. Brett and Hannah would LOVE to have you join them!Teens attending: Brett and Hannah , Veronica, Christopher, and Anthony , Sarah, Mandy , and Braswells

The pond exploring trip ended up being even more exciting than usual! When we pulled into the park we noticed a local police cruiser (unusual since all you usally see are the park rangers) and then as we pulled up to the nature center we saw a state patrol car. Hannah and I both wondered what was going on. We quickly found out as we tried to exit our van...there was a "fugitive" in the woods. Initially we were told he was armed, but we soon learned he wasn't...that he had been involved in a burgarly and had fled on foot when his car was stopped. The helicopter was circling overhead and they had scent dogs on his trail. Needless to say, the pond program was delayed just a bit!

Once we got to start the program (the fugitive fled west of the park) we had a usual good time with our naturalist friend, Trina. The pond was unusually low (thanks to some construction) so the kids got QUITE MUDDY whiling mucking in the pond looking for critters. Will decided that the program was a nursingfest and nursed the entire hour we were attending. They had a great time. Once we finished exploring the pond, we hosed off, grabbed our lunch and headed to the wet play area for some fun......the teens went to play frisbee golf (and took Will with them) and everyone else played on the wet playground. Sophie and Cade had a BLAST! We ended up staying at the park until almost 3 PM.

Unfortunately Em was sick and stayed home.....hopefully she will be feeling better soon!

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