Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just another day.....

I actually managed to roll out of bed early enough this morning to go down and volunteer at Granny's Garden. I had ever intention of going down before today, but I kept getting up around 8 AM and knew it would be too hot by the time I got down there to do two hours of work. I quickly woke Hannah and Emily and we drove down to the garden. Granny wasn't there yet, but another, more seasoned volunteer got us started. There was this huge pile of mulch that had to be scooped into wheelbarrows and spread in the learning center area. Scooping up the mulch was too much for my still sore arm, so I most spread it with my feet once the girls got it dumped. I hope that our gardening time might help with Hannah's attitude, she was grumbling and complaining, saying she would pay the $40 fee for garden school (the fee is waved for volunteers) if I never made her come again. We spend the time talking about attitude and contributing and giving back. As we talked her mood seemed to improve. Eventually some of the kids that attend summer daycare at the school came out and Hannah loved that Granny let her "oversee" their work. I loved getting to talk with Granny, she seems to see things along the same lines that I do. The value of family, of being with your children, of respecting them. As we finished up with our time, she told the girls to gather bouquets of flowers to take home. She insisted I pick a bouquet also and I mentioned that I would take it down to my dad. She told me taht her mom had a stroke about 6 years ago and we shared some similiar experiences. I feel so blessed to have found this wonderful earthy caring soul! IF sending us home with boquets wasn't enough, she sent us home with a bunch of perrinnials, the girls plan to plant some here in the flowerbeds adn then surprise their grandma by planting some in her back garden (with dad in the hospital, her garden has been sadly neglected!).

We left the gardens and came home. Hannah and I both showered and then I ran her up to dance. After dropping her off, I went down to Drake to see my dad. I try to get down there as often as I can. When I walked into his room today he was in a wheelchair eating lunch. The only problem was he was feeding himself with his KNIFE! I am so grateful that I got ther before he managed to cut his tongue open (it has just healed from a deep cut he put in it while in ICU). We talked a bit and he told me that I had to have Thanksgiving dinner at my house this year because it would be too much work for mom...I agreed with him, the way one would with a child that they want to be quite. I brought down some pictures for the speech thearapist (Jenna) to use when working with him. I got a bit miffed when he said Cade and Jacob were two of the worst kids....he so mistakes their high enegy for being bad. In ways he reminds me of his dad (my grandfather) who always paced around after my brother and I making sure we didn't break anything. He equates good with quiet...and that is one thing my boys aren't! I ended up spending about 3 hours down there, it is so hard to leave him when he is awake...he looks at you with these big sad eyes! A HUGE storm rolled through and the sounds seemed to lull him to sleep, so I snuck out as the storm subsided.

I got home to see that I had missed a call from my friend Kas. I called her back and her husband, David, answered the phone. I was completely taken aback (he has never answered the phone in the 2 years I have been calling there)....He must have said "hello" 3 times before I asked for Kas. AMAZINGLY, she was AWAKE and we got to spend about an hour talking (such a privledge with busy babies and toddlers). She is so excited, they may be adopting a WONDERFUL neighboy, Darren. They are hoping that his grandfather (who has custody of him) might be willing to let them adopt him because he is having trouble controlling him. This is a sweet kid, who would thrive with a little more attention and less medication!I head this HAPPINESS in Kas voice today that I don't think I have heard before. I keep praying it will work out. Darren couldn't find a nicer family! We will have to plan an adoption shower when everything is finalized!!

The girls found out they got jobs as propmaasters in the local play. Em seemed quite relieved that she wouldn't have to sing on stage...Hannah seemed a bit disappointed. They went to the first meeting tonight, we will see how it goes once they get home.

Jacob has his first game in the end of the year coachpitch tournament tonight up at Tealtown at 8:30 PM. They get to play under the lights! Jay took him up to his game and Grant and Cade decided to tag along. Brett is busy watching some movie holding Will and Sophie is napping. I am enjoying the quiet!

Tomorrow we go back to Garden School. Can't wait to see what we do this week!


Susan Taylor Brown said...

Just passing through on a random surf venture for information about teaching and teachers and books and stuff.

Wanted to tell you that I love the vivid pictures you paint in your blog. I got caught up and read much more than I had planned when I first stopped in.

Write on, right now.
Susan Taylor Brown

Laura said...

Thanks! Now that the baby isn't quite as needy I am really enjoying writing. Glad you stopped by!