Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Beach Waterpark

We spent the better park of Sunday, a good portion of Monday and some of Tuesday at a local waterpark called THE BEACH.

William LOVES the water! He started splashing in it immediately. What amazed me most was that he actually left his sunhat on the ENTIRE time we were at the waterpark. He loves playing with those swishy squirty toys, he carries them around in his mouth. I took some pictures of him with a waterproof camera, I hope they turn out! And knock on wood, I have managed to have him in the sun for over 13 hours and HAVEN'T gotten him SUNBURNT! Unfortunately I can't say the same for Brett....he left putting sunblock on his back up to Grant,not a good idea...you can see one vertical and one horizontal line where Grant attempted to smear some on!

Sophie surprised me with how "brave" she was, getting in the water, putting her face in, playing in the kid play area. Such a change from the clingy child she was last year.

Cade is putting his face underwater this year and LOVES playing in the kid area. He even ventured into the wavepool, I couldn't believe it! He is usually the most cautious of the kids, reluctant to try new things. He has to wear goggles the entire time he is at the waterpark.

The little ones love SPLASH MOUNTAIN with its inner tube rapids, a water flume, a belly-flopping slide, and an oversized children's pool. Both Sophie and Cade call the inner tube rapids the "Little Miami"...or in Sophie's vocabulary the "MY" AMI......it is HERS....when you ask her if she wants to go to the "Little Miami" she will so "go to MY ami, not your ami". She cracks me up!

Jacob, Grant, Emily, Hannah and Brett have been hitting all the slides/rides. The park has been pretty empty (except for Sunday) so there have been no lines. It is so nice to have the place practically to yourself!

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