Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Day in Will's life......

As Will's first year is quickly drawing to a close (just over a week and counting...SNIFF!) I thought it would be neat if I wrote down what a typical baby day is like. Wish I had thought to do it each month of his first year, it would have made for a nice entry in his scrapbook (lol, poor Will, his scrapbook is so far behind)...anyhow....

6 AM: Will wakes up and nurses, usually for about 45 minutes or so. I know at first it is out of HUNGER as he gulps, but later is it more about comfort and spending some quiet time with mom. Since he sleeps right next to me, he never crys when he wakes up, he just crawls up closer to me for boob access! He usually falls back asleep before 7 AM and sleeps until...

8:30 AM: Will gets up for the morning. He usually eats breakfast almost immediately. Breakfast is usually dry cereal (cheerios, Kix), fresh fruit (melon, apple, peaches) and/or yogurt. Except for the yogurt, he feeds himself. He has learned to sign "more" to get more food. After breakfast Will crawls off to play. At somepoint, I will snag him and get him dressed for the day. His favorite plaything right now (besides his penis) is any BALL and he likes to watch BABY EINSTEIN DVDs. Midmorning he will sometimes have a bottle of yogurt juice or watered down cranberry juice or if he finds me sitting someplace (like on the computer), will crawl into my lap to nurse..

Noon: Time for lunch. Will usually eats left overs from last nights dinner, so the meal can run the gammet from pizza to noodles and veggies. He also usually eats some kind of canned fruit/applesauce with lunch. Except for the applesauce, he feeds himself. He drinks water, cranberry juice or yogurt juice from his juicecup. After lunch, if weather permits, the girls usually take him for a walk often with a sidetrip to the park. Depending on how dirty he gets, he may get a bath when he gets home and puts on clean clothes. After the walk/bath he usually nurses for about 20 to 30 minutes and then goes down for his afternoon nap.

2:30-4:30: NAPTIME! If the day permits or if I am exhausted from being up the night before, I might even nap WITH Will! When he gets up from his nap, he usually has a snack...ricecakes are his favorite right now! When then pack up for our evening activities.

5 PM- 9 PM: This time of year, most days we are at the ballfields. We have games Mon, Wed, Fri and Saturdays (although Sat are mornings). He spends most of the time at the ballfields being held. Will LOVES being at the ballfields, although he has recently discovered the DIRT (which means another bath once he gets home). He usually is either holding a ball or a bat. On the nights we don't have baseball games, we usually walk down to park and play. The river is right next to the park and Will loves watching the kids throw rocks and seeing the ducks. He also LOVES the slides (and climbing up them the wrong way)He usually nurses at some point during the evening and may have a snack (crackers, ricecakes, whatever he can snag from one of his siblings).

9 PM: Dinner...Will eats whatever I make, although sometimes minus the meat. He LOVES noodles, rice, green beans, peas and corn. He feeds himself his dinner. Usually has water or yogurt juice from his juicecup. If he is dirty (from ballfields, park, dinner) one of the girls will give him a bath after he eats.

10 PM: Will plays with the other kids for a bit and around 10:30 will usually seek me out (crawl up in my lap) and DEMAND to nurse (this is quite vocal and invovles him pulling up my shirt and jabbering and signing "milk"). He usually nurses until about 11 PM. Depending on the night, he either nurses in the living room in the big chair or in bed. If I happen to still want to stay up, I go at this point and lay him in bed with Jay (he usually heads to bed by 10 PM). Obviously, if I am in bed, we usually just fall asleep with him still nursing.

Depending on if he is cutting teeth, battling a cold/has one of his odd fevers or had gotten ahold of red food dye during the day he will either sleep until about 5:30 or 6 AM or be up most of the night. Luckily if he is just needy, and wants to nurse, it isn't an issue, since he is right next to me and I can usually sleep some while he nurse. If he is overly fussy and needs to be up and out of bed, Jay will usually go out in the living room and sit with him and watch some movie on late night TV (the nice thing about a hubby who keeps an odd schedule and doesn't sleep!) One can NEVER predict which will happen!

He still has poopy diapers numerous times a day (sometimes I think this is because he is sensitive to a lot of food additives and of course corn just goes right through him), they are always soft, never hard/solid. We have not introduced cow's milk, as Em had a severe allergic reaction at 13 months, so I tend to avoid it until they are about 15 months old...but he tolerates yogurt and icecream, so I don't think it will be a problem!

He is right on the edge of being able to walk. We is so goofy. He can stand alone, but won't do it unless he is holding something (like a basketball or baseball bat). You would think holding a rather large object (compared to his tiny frame) would make it harder to stand! He only has days left to take his first step before his first birthday!


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