Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pox Watch:

I found out this morning that the kids were most likely exposed to chicken pox on Wednesday evening and Grant was exposed to them again today, so we are beginning our pox watch!

When Em was little I tried exposing her to chicken pox 5 times in a two month period and she never got them. Since Grant was born we have only known one other family with them (and yes I tried to expose both him and Emily with no luck!). Brett and Hannah had them when they were little, but none of the other kids have had them. I would really like them to get the natural immunity to them, but for some reason my kids seem to be a bit more resistant to them than most!

My only fear is I will unknowingly carry the virus to my dad who is undergoing chemo for the multiple myeloma. He is undergoing therapy for his stroke at the Drake Center and I try to go down and visit with him at least every other day, sometimes some of the kids go with me. I am going to have to be hypervigilant about watching the kids for signs of the pox in a couple of weeks. The last thing we need is for him to get shingles!

Does anyone know if I can immune carry them to my dad? Would I have to have shingles myself to give them to him? I probably just won't take the little kids down to the hospital until our risk of infection is over!

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