Saturday, July 22, 2006

2006 4-H Winner's Circle:

We have had so much fun with 4-H. This year has certainly been a learning experience, but the more we explore, the more we learn and the more fun we have. This year Emily entered 2 projects (genealogy and art), Hannah entered 1 project (Horseless Horse) and Grant entered 1 project (Collectibles). Emily took 2nd place in Art and 4th place in Genealogy; Hannah took 2nd place in Horseless Horse and Grant took 4th place in Collectibles (his friend Chris took 3rd place).
The kids are so excited about 4-H that they want to form their own club next year so that they have more of an opportunity to work with their friends on projects. Of course their ever scheming mother told them that if they form their own 4-H group that they need to come up with a name that would make them first alphabetically so that when we go to the winner circle they would call our cloverbuds (5-8 year olds) first so that they wouldn't have to stand around so long! So we just need to find something that comes before Agri-Maniacs...ROFL! It is too bad that 4-H participation is restricted by the state you live in, because we have cool friends
that don't live in Ohio! That's the only bummer about the whole plan!

We also had a blast with joining the shooting sports club this year. I can't believe that my kids have learned how to shoot rifles and handguns!

Hopefully we will have a whole lot more entered in the 2007 4-H competition. I don't know who is having more fun with this, me or the kids!

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