Friday, July 28, 2006

Sophie takes Bake-It Championship!

Our little Sophie took first place at the Clermont County Fair in the Cupcake Division of the Bake-It competition. She won in the 8 and under division, and I believe she was the youngest contestant to enter anything. She picked out the design for her cupcakes all by herself (with help from the website) and decorated them completely by herself once her sister spread the frosting on them. Now mind you, I wouldn't have dared eaten one of them since she licked her fingers every time she put a chocolate chip or jelly bean on them. She was SO EXCITED when they called her name and gave her the trophy. She was just beaming and keeps talking about winning "1st place" and getting a RIBBON and a TROPHY! She is already talking about what she wants to bake for next year!


Anonymous said...

Great job! We are looking foward to taking part in 4H this year!

Those cupcakes look so cute! Do the judges taste them?

Laura said...

thankfully the judges don't taste the cupcakes, as Sophie literally licked her fingers every time she got icing on them, which was every time she placed anything on them. The cupcakes (and cakes for older kids) are judged on appearance alone, there are other catagories that they judge for tastes.