Monday, July 24, 2006

4-H Demonstrations!

This year we learned that there was a demonstration competition that the kids could enter. Since both Hannah and Emily like being center stage they were eager to participate. Together they created a 6-12 minute demonstation on Lyrical Dance. They did a great job and showed such confidence. I would have never gotten up on stage in front of strangers at their age. They came in second place and were invited to take their demonstration to the State Fair. They have decided not to go because the stage at the State Fair is extremely small and will not lend well to them performing the routine that they choreographed. They had a great time and are already planning for next year. Grant has also decided that he will do a demonstration next year. How did I manage to raise children that are so self-assured and confident?

The 4-H educator even asked them to come back and dance for the Senior Citizens on Wednesday. You better bet my girls won't pass up another chance to dance on stage!

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