Saturday, August 05, 2006

Brett update for Saturday, Aug 5, 2006:

They have found a combination of 3 drugs that have Brett feeling some pain relief! When I left the hospital tonight (around 8 PM) he was saying his head was only about a 5, although his stomach/abdomen was still a 7. BUT, he feels like being up and walking around and is sick of being in bed! He ate lunch and dinner plus some junkie snacks! Jay called around 10 PM and Brett was still awake and watching TV, a huge improvement over yesterday (Firday) when he slept probably 22 hours out of the day! I think it really helped his spirits today that one of his friends came down and spend some time hanging out with him! I don't think she realizes how much it meant to him to have her come down and spent part of her day at the hospital. She even brought him his favorite sandwich from Izzy's (a local deli).

Not sure if there will be an update tomorrow since the weekend docs are still on duty. I have a feeling we will be waiting to hear about surgery Monday when they do rounds around 9 AM (although the nurse did say something about her notes saying he was having surgery Monday). I am toying with taking the little guys to the zoo for a couple hours tomorrow (the zoo is 2 blocks from the hospital) and then taking them to visit Brett, I think some family time might just be what we all need, I just wonder if the hospital can handle the chaos!

Thanks for the prayers, I know they are helping!

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