Monday, August 21, 2006

Overdue update!

Brett had his shunt reinternalized last Monday. They released him from the hospital late Wednesday night. We have a follow up appointment tomorrow! Things seem to be going well, he is slowly building his energy and even went and played golf yesterday afternoon with his Dad and brothers....not even a week after having brain surgery!

Jay's mom passed away last Sunday (Aug 13) and her funeral was Friday. They delayed the funeral until Friday so that Brett would be home. His grandmother had wanted him to read the same reading at her funeral that he read 5 years ago at his grandfather's funeral. The service was absolutely beautiful.

Jay's sisters were going to pitch all the old family photos, so I took them. Emily and I have had so much fun looking through them and finding old newspaper clippings Mary (my MIL) saved. It will be great for the genealogy project that Emily is working on. I am thinking I might frame some of them and hang them up...Emily is going to make a scrapbook with a lot of them.

My dad is having a rough time with his chemo...he has broken out in a rash all over his torso and is also only producing about 2 tbsp of urine each day...haven't heard exactly what the means, but I suspect it isn't good! If you could remember him in your prayers, it would be appreciated!

Emily conned me into letting her foster a puppy from the animal rescue organization that she and Hannah volunteer with. He is an absolute cutie, but one forgets how much work a puppy is! He is only 9 weeks old and already a WHOOPING 20 lbs......he is supposedly a lab/boxer mix. but given the size of the boy's paws I have to wonder if there might not be mastif in him. Louie is very protective of him and it is so cute to watch them interact with each other. We take him back next Saturday and hopefully he will be adopted!

To add to our excitement, Sophie (4) swallowed a penny, so we are on poop patrol, waiting for her to pass it!

Thinking I will have good news to post in the near future...after all things have to get better right?

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hestiahomeschool said...

The author (Jack Kerley) is back in town so I will get the books signed and get them over to Brett soon.

lots of love,

It was so good to see you in person the other night.