Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dare I ask, what else can go wrong?

It has been one of those month's so far....and we are only on day what??? 10 I think......I will be so happy to never see a repeat of August 2006...

So far this month:

1) Brett is sitting in the hospital with his spinal fluid draining into a bag next to his head. He is having surgery again next Monday. He has been there since August 1st and will be there through next week....

2) Jay's mom (my MIL) is in the hospital dying. They don't expect her to make it another week. She has been battling non Hodgkins Lymphomia for the past 7 or so years and her body has finally given out. She is in organ failure.

3) The chemo is making dad very sick and he is losing weight. All his counts are low. But his spirits are good!

4) I have picked up some kind of sinus/throat/chest/head ache thing. It's it enough that I have to deal with my kid sick in the hospital, my MIL at death's door and tranporting my dad to dialysis and chemo.....apparently NOT.....I have to be sick too!

5) Today at the dance studio the acro instructor that Emily loves QUIT! Emily is hysterical calls me on the cell phone when I am out getting my dad from dialysis and just sobs into the phone. I couldn't even be here to comfort her. It will probably mean that she won't have an acro team to compete with this year. Like it isn't enough that her brother is in the hospital, her grandma is dying, and her grandpa is sick...she has to lose the one thing that gives her solace from all the rotten crap that is going on right now.

I know better than to wallow in self pity. I know it could be worse. My son will leave the hospital, while others we pass each day in the hallway, will not. My mother in law has lived a wonderful, full, long life (her 83rd birthday is next week) and has raised 10 great kids, has 31 grandkids, 2 grand daughter-in-laws and 4 great grandkids. Dad is still with us, over a year after his diagnosis with multiple myeloma and kidney failure. Losing acro will mean Emily can focus more energy on ballet.....but for right this minute I want to just feel sorry for myself, to scream from the rooftops "WHY????".


Have I mentioned how RICH our lives are? With Brett being sick we have seen the best in so many of our friends, and even strangers. I realize that there are so many people that care about us. We have been blessed to have families bring us dinner each night, cards and gifts come into the hospital daily to lift Brett's spirits, our dearest friends have kept assorted children and made sure that they feel safe and loved during this trying time.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Laura! I will be praying for Brett, you, and your family. I hope he is doing better now, poor guy! I am sorry to hear that you have so much going on at once in your life. I hope everything will be ok!

Take care

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, I am thinking of you a couple of times an hour...does Brett feel good enough to read? I just finished a great forensic mystery he would like...