Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Had a blast shopping Friday! Did anyone else go out? Find any good deals????

Brett, Hannah, Sarah and I were in line to get into Kohl's at 3:50 AM....yes, the doors opened at 4 AM and we were there with HOARDS of other people...amazingly we got everything (or so we thought) that we wanted from there and were out the door by shortly after 5 AM. Portable DVD player for $49.99 and a v-smile game system for Sophia and Will were the big scores! Tons of other stuff too!

Left Kohl's, got gas, grabbed breakfast at Burger King then went and hit Old Navy (big waste), Bath and Bodyworks (great deals!!!!) and got in line for Target's door busters (the kids rushed the door while I was in Bath and Body)...Hannah snagged the Hot item for the boys....bunch of other stuff including tons of the cheap movies, also a BOY babydoll for Will (he loves dolls).....only waited in line about 30 minutes...not too out of there about 7 AM....

Headed home to drop off stuff (we wanted to go to the Mall and I didn't want to park the car with all the stuff in it) and grabbed Luke and then went to the Mall.....scored big at Finish Line for Grant and Jacob and Hannah (got her 4 pieces of Adidias clothing for under $30) and got Jay a couple of things (yes, I know my hubby likes to read my blog!).....hit a few more mall stores....went across the street to Toys R Us and Dicks....and managed to get something in their doorbuster ad even though it was almost 10 AM......then grabbed an early lunch at IHOP.... left IHOP and went BACK to Kohls (I forgot to get the airmattress) and then to Hobby Lobby for wrapping paper and Hannah ran into Meijer's to grab one gift.....we were home and WRAPPING presents by 1 PM!!!!

So I am almost done with Sophia (need to get her 1 more thing), about half way done with Will and have at least SOMETHING for everyone else!

My mom is renewing our YMCA membership and most likely giving us money to renew our museum membership and zoo membership....I am quite thrilled with that...and she told me she MIGHT be going OUT OF TOWN for CHRISTMAS.....could I ask for a BETTER gift from her???? I hate to say it, but she is a total downer and not having to deal with her would be the MOST PERFECT GIFT in the world!!!!! Jay even offered to buy her a one way ticket.....of course I didn't tell her that!


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh Laura! You are nuts, just plain nuts, LOL!
Glad it was worth it to you, I just can't do it, of course 4am is my bedtime :)

Melissa, unschooling basics said...

Okay, I'm behind on my blog reading..but I have to ask, what brand was your boy doll for Will? Dan really really wants a doll for Christmas, and I can't find anything around here.

And I did do Black Friday shopping, got some great toys, and movies for my extended family (we always do game and movie party baskets) for $3 each.
A bunch of other stuff that I've already forgotten since it's wrapped and stored in the attic!

Laura Riesenberg said...

Melissa...the doll is wrapped, but I think it is called Little Mommy or something like that, Fisher Price makes them...they are soft bodied, and either a boy or girl. When Brett was little we got him an anatomically correct boy doll, I loved that doll and so did he, but it mildewed when the old basement flooded. I saw some cute ones at Walmart today.

Anonymous said...

Do you all come to the Clermont Y? I work there a couple of days during the week, mabey we will see ya there?

Your children are so adorable, and growing fast, like mine LOL.

Happy Holidays!!!!