Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spring Cleaning....

Or should that be near winter cleaning??? Despite the fact that over half the family has had the stomach flu over the past 10 days (Brett, Hannah, Grant and I have yet to succumb to it!) I have gotten so much stuff OUT of this house! 5 large garbage bags of clothing went to Truly Blest, a resale shop that supports Birthright, 2 bags and 2 winter coats went to a little girl in a family that is struggling (a request came through on one of the homeschool lists I belong to), and the exersaucer, swing, bouncer seat and 2 bags of boy clothes went to a homeschooling friend who is expecting in January! I am so excited about the reclaimed space, but it just seems there should be MORE of it with everything that I got out of here!

The logistics of large family living still baffles me 17 years into my journey. How to properly store everything that I want to save, so I can find it when I need it has never been something I can completely figure out! I try to store things by gender, size and season, but some things never seem to end up where they are supposed to....and why while going through the stuff that we got rid of, did I stumble over CHRISTMAS decoration in the basement (when they are supposed to be in the crawlspace upstairs) I still don't understand!

I know I am happier when things are organized and in their proper space, but it is just a never ending task around here! I do think I know where all the winter clothes are and have packed up all the summer stuff for the most part. And the laundry, well that is a never ending task, made almost insurmountable by puked on bedsheets and clothing!

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