Thursday, November 08, 2007

We found our first LETTERBOX!

Hiking Club Meeting Update
Where: Withrow Nature Preserve, Hamilton County Park
7075 Five Mile Road, 45230
When: Thursday, Nov. 8th, 1-3PM
Ages: ALL
Cost: FREE
Organizer: Tina

Come join us to find a hidden letterbox and hike afterwards. No RSVP necessary. We will be on our own, not with a naturalist.

Here were the clues we followed to find the letterbox:
Cupcake Birthday Box LbNA #: 32593
Placed by: Brainstorm
Placement date: Jul 4 2007
State: Ohio
County: Hamilton
Nearest city: Cincinnati
Number of boxes: 1

This box was planted at Withrow Nature Preserve in Anderson Township in honor of someone's special birthday.

Take I-275 to Kellogg Ave. Exit towards Coney Island & Riverbend. Pass Riverbend & Riverdowns and turn left onto Five Mile Rd. Follow Five Mile Rd. to Withrow Nature Preserve on the right.

Park in the parking lot.
Enter the trail nearest the parking lot entrance by the port-a-potty.
At the first fork, veer toward the left.
At the next fork, after about 5 minutes of walking, stay on the gravel path on the right toward the overlook.
After 5 more minutes (just before the overlook), you will come to another fork, take the path to the left.
Walk for about 10 minutes and you will see a sign that says
Withrow Nature Preserve describing the O'Donnell Cabin.
From this sign you will see two benches.
Go sit on the left bench. When the area is clear, stand up and walk about 16 steps forward.
To your left you will see a large tree.
At the base of the tree on the right side you will see a rock.
The letterbox is nestled between the rock and the tree.

We were first introduced to the concept of letterboxing at the Live and Learn Unschooling Conference and we recruited some fellow homeschoolers to join us in our endevour. I couldn't believe how much fun and how easy it was to follow the clues and find the box, for me a bit easier than using a GPS and finding a cache! The kids seemed to like stamping our letterboxing notebook and signing the logbook as much as they enjoyed exchanging items in the cache. I can't wait to find more letterbox clues and search for the letterboxes!

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Lea said...

...and you didn't even gt arrested ~smile~ I think I'm going to try a letterbox next myself