Thursday, November 15, 2007

CoCo Key Water Resort
Thurs, Nov 15th
9:30am - 3pm - they have a banquet to set up for that happens at 5, so they need us to cooperate by being out on time.
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Hi all!


We have a wonderful opportunity here.... CoCo Key Water Resort in Sharonville is having their Grand Opening on Thursday, November 15, and they need 300 homeschoolers to be in the park playing for the media to take pictures.

We get to play for FREE!!!! Those who remember when Great Wolf did this for us will also remember how fast this filled up. So rsvp ASAP. First come, first served, and I'll have a waiting list as well - so if you find out at the last minute you can't make it, PLEASE notify me as soon as possible, so I can let another family onto the list.

-Please have everyone arrive between 9:00am to 9:30am.
-Children should have swim attire on (underneath clothes).
-Home School children and families will be directed to the Center Ballroom.
-In room, we will provide beverages, snacks, movies/cartoons, coloring and a balloon sculptor to keep everyone entertained.
-We ask that children stay relatively quiet, since we have corporate meetings going on in adjacent meeting rooms.
-A CoCo Key staffer will need parents help in gathering children together at 10:15am to line up.
-We will need 50-60 young children (plus a few parents) to follow CoCo through aisle of guests for ribbon-cutting.
-At 10:30am, CoCo will lead first group of children.
-After ribbon-cutting guests get up, we will invite rest of children and parents into CoCo Key.
-Please take all personal belongings with you from Center Ballroom.
-Home School Network families are invited to stay in CoCo Key until 3pm.

Here's the rest of the story: They have a Pizza Hut and an A&W on site which will be up and running, and ask that we not bring in food and drinks. Those of us who need to can run out to our vans to eat. There are lockers available to rent, if you're interested.

And they are willing to set up some homeschool days for us at a group discount rate. Unlike Great Wolf, CoCo Key will be doing day passes, and birthday parties and such. They will also do fundraisers - for instance, if your ball team or scout troop or band or whatever sells tickets, your group would get a percentage of the sales. They are eager to work with us, so all you group leaders out there keep that in mind! : )

Although not as large as Great Wolf, or as engaging for the older teens, we had a GREAT time...there was plenty of seating, free towels and lockers, lots for the younger kids to do and they were very accomodating, even giving us 1/2 off all the food we purchased. Their food prices were very reasonable, even before the discount, and it tasted much better than the crap we ate at Great Wolf. They gave the kids $5 cards to use in the game room. The kids had a really great time. The best part is, that if we want, we can go back, because they offer day passes to just swim, something that Great Wolf doesn't do!

It was great to get to see many homeschooling families that we hadn't crossed pathes with yet this year, to catch up and hear everyone's stories.

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