Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Did you see us on the Fox 19 morning news?

We were able to set up a tour for 20 people to see the fox 19 studios and be on the morning news. Bad thing, with my crew, that only left room for a couple other families! Frank Marsullo, weatherman, gave us a tour of the studio and put the kids in the spotlight! He has even agreed to come out in the spring a give a tornado talk to the kids, everyone is really looking forward to that! It was neat to see all the behind the scenes stuff and to see just what goes into getting the news on the air! Only drawback? We had to be in downtown Cincinnati at 8:45 AM, so we had to leave Loveland at 7:45 AM, which meant everyone had to be up and ready that early! We got hung up in traffic but made it to the studio exactly at 8:45 AM! Click on the collage to enlarge!

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nak mer said...

hey emily and hannah. i know you guys i gave you a hint by my user name. hahaha c ya soon