Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekly Grant Update!

We went to the doctor this morning and had the leg xrayed. Everything is still lined up (although the thinner of the two bones has shifted some, but not anything significant) so they are fairly confident that he WON'T need SUGERY! The "bad" news is that there weren't signs of significant healing, so they were unable to cast the leg. He is still stuck in the overwrapped splint until next Monday at the earliest. I asked if we should have seen signs of healing and they said that what they saw was fairly typical of that severe of a fracture a week out from the injury. They recommended making sure he gets lots of calcium, vitamin C and phoporous. We go back next Monday at 10:50 AM. So he has to stay off his feet for another week, hopefully he doesn't go completely stir crazy!

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