Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Loveland Stage Company catches on fire!

We live about 2 blocks outside of the historic district on Loveland. Last night around 7 PM one of the buildings, the Loveland Stage Company (built in 1939), caught on fire. The building is a total loss, ironically it sits directly next door to the firestation. We couldn't get into town to see what was going on until the fire was completely contained (according to the police officer standing guard at the time of the road it burned itself out, they couldn't get it to go out), so the pictures are from around 10:15 PM last night. I just got my SLR back yesterday afternoon, I was thrilled to have it to try to capture the shots, but it took me a while to remember why I couldn't get what I wanted...I finally switched to the normal 50 mm lens which I can open wide (1.8 fstop) and I had to set the exposure at 1/4 sec to 1 sec, the shake is pretty noticable in the shots, that's what I get for trying to travel light and not bring a tripod! I couldn't believe how many firefighters were at the scene.
Here is a link to the article from a local paper:
Click on the collage to see my shoot from last night:

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