Thursday, October 02, 2008

Grant Update

We went back to Children's yesterday afternoon. Really no more answers than we got from the ER, they boxed in the splint (wrapped casting material around it) and told us to make an appointment for next week (made it for Monday at 10:30 AM) when they will xray it to determine if the reduction is holding (something about muscles pulling it out or some such!), if it is holding, they will cast it with a waterproof cast, if not then we will discuss surgery. The biggest concern seems to be that the bone broke at the growth plate. One of the docs looking at the scan seemed to think there is also a break in the growth plate, but the other doc wasn't sure/didn't think so. Jay is frustrated that they can't give us any answers at this point.

The good news is that Grant is allowed out as long as he is sitting (no walking except to and from the car and absolutely no standing around). He is still in a lot of pain (saying a 3 or 4 with taking percocet every 5 hours).

Grant fell while going to the bathroom this morning. The bottom of the cast hit the ground first and then he fell onto his butt. He said it hurt when it happened, but that it doesn't hurt any more than it was hurting now (does that sentence make sense???). Hopefully he didn't knock anything!

Continued prayers are much appreciated!

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