Monday, September 26, 2005

Identity Crisis

Earlier this evening, Cade and I sat reading a book about dolphins. It was one of those books that poses questions and then answers them. On one of the pages it talks about mama dolphins feeding the baby dolphin and the comment went something along the lines of a mama dolphin nurses her baby every 15 minutes for the first year of it life. Cade started laughing and said "maybe Will is a baby dolphin."

He is right, Will still nurses almost constantly. I am going to assume though, that since a dolphin never really sleeps (1/2 of its brain stays awake at all times) that mama dolphin might be a bit more tolerant of the all night nursing fest! Jay and I have both stated of late that had Will been our firstborn he would have most likely been an only child!

So I suppose it might be possible I am raising a baby dolphin in least Cade finds humor in the whole thing!

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hestiahomeschool said...

He nurses the way my girls did...