Saturday, September 10, 2005

Reds Hall of Fame

So many times in life, events and places do not meet with my expectations. Let me tell you now, the Reds Hall of Fame far exceeded every expectation I had. Since I am not a huge professional baseball fan, I expected to be "bored" with the tour I arranged for our homeschooling group. I was so surprised at how informative the "extra innings" program was and how hands on the actual museum was. My dad joined us for the outing, so I had an extra "kid" to keep track of! I took tons of pictures, I will post them soon!

The tour began with the extra innings program called "The Reds on the Radio" and Carrie, the education coordinator did a fantastic job presenting the program to the kids. The best part was at the end when she had the kids put on their own radio broadcast which she recorded for us to take home. Proud mom moment here, Grant, who really struggles with reading, raised his hand to do one of the reading parts in the program (I think in part because his friend Chris also took a reading part). He got through his part without stumbling, and even though it was only a couple of lines, it was a major accomplishment because he had to read along with the whole play to know when it was his turn to speak!

After we finished the extra inning program we were led upstairs to where the majority of the exhibits for the the hall of fame are located (although the Babe Ruth exhibit was on the main floor). As you head up the steps to the 3rd floor, you pass the rose garden and a white rose marks the spot where Pete Rose's record breaking hit (4192) landed. The wall leading upstairs is lined with baseballs, each one representing one of Rose's hits.

I was amazed at how hands on and kid friendly the museum was. The guides that led us upstairs were super friendly and seemed to really enjoy the kids (and I have to love the "they are so well behaved" comments). One of the guides must have thrown pop-ups to my little boys for 20 minutes so they could catch them while running into the outfield wall! The kids loved the pitching lane and the broadcast both. Beyond the kid friendly area where the areas that showcased the world series trophies (have to chuckle here because when I saw them all I could do was laugh and recall the Seinfeld episode where George destorys the Yankees World Series trophy in an attempt to get fired). Beyond that room is the final room with the actual hall of fame inductees (sp). Pete Rose, of course is not allowed to be represented in that room!

After spending about an hour in the Hall of Fame, we went down and ate lunch inside the stadium. The guides let the kids look at the field, we were hoping someone might be taking batting practice or fielding practice, but no such luck! After lunch we went back upstairs and spend another hour playing in the Hall of Fame!

The kids are eager to go back. Even Emily really liked it (I was surprised, since she isn't a big professional sports fan!)

Here are the details I emailed out to the homeschooling group about the tour:

Tour of the Reds Hall of Fame and Museum plus Extra Innings Program (see details below)
Friday September 9, 2005
10 AM (arrive by 9:45 AM as I have to pay as a group BEFORE the tour begins)
$3 per student (ages 3 to highschool senior)
$5 per adult
Free for those under 3 years old

The Hall of Fame is opening a lunchroom for our group so that we can stay and eat lunch. They will have a bin to put lunches in when you enter the Hall of Fame.

The Red's Hall of Fame and Museum is a Palace for the Fans! With the formation of the Cincinnati Red Stockings of 1869, professional baseball and America's passion for the sport were born, and grew, right here in Cincinnati. Now, for the first time, the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum offers fans of the Reds, and of baseball, the first comprehensive look into the sport's heralded past. Nowhere else are fans able to see as complete of a collection of artifacts from the first professional baseball team and its rich history in the major leagues. And nowhere outside of the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., are baseball fans treated to such an amazing visual history of the World Series and Opening Day. The Reds Hall of Fame, which opened to the public Sept. 25, 2004, is just west of Great American Ball Park, the home of the Cincinnati Reds, along Cincinnati's riverfront. The facility features more than 16,000 square feet of exhibit space on two floors.

In addition, from May 13-Oct. 2 a rare Babe Ruth bat and ball - both with Cincinnati connections - will be featured this summer. The bat, used by Ruth in the 1921 season, was presented personally by the Bambino to Harry Borgman in January 1922. The Ruth ball dates to 1935 and was hit into the sun deck at old Crosley Field by Ruth during batting practice in the final days of his career.

Extra Innings program: Reds on the Radio! geared for those 3rd - 8th grade, but the coordinator knows she is working with a diverse group!
Long before television or the Internet, baseball games came alive on the radio. In those early days, radio announcers weren't always at the game but were receiving signals from a telegraph far away! In this program, students learn the inside secrets of an early Reds radio broadcast and help to create those sound effects that made the game sound so realistic. Then, using original telegrapher's code, they'll create an old-fashioned broadcast of their own!

The price of $3 per student (ages 3-grade 12) is an AMAZING savings, as it is usually $5 for anyone ages 3-12 and $8 for anyone over 12 years old. The cost is $5 per adult (again a savings of $3).

The tour begins with our extra innings program and it will last about 1 hour, followed by heading into the hall of fame. Once we are in the hall of fame, we are welcome to spend as much time as we like touring the museum.

RSVP to Laura with the number of partipants/adults.

The Reds Hall of Fame and Museum is located on the west side of Great American Ball Park along Main Street.

From I-75 southbound: -Take the Second Street exit on the left toward DOWNTOWN/RIVERFRONT.-Stay on Second Street heading EAST, and the ballpark will be on your right.

From U.S. Highway 50 eastbound:-Take the Second Street exit on the right toward DOWNTOWN/RIVERFRONT.-Stay on Second Street heading EAST, and the ballpark will be on your right.

From I-71/I-75 northbound:-Take the Second Street exit on your right after crossing the Brent Spence Bridge.-Stay on Second Street heading EAST, and the ballpark will be on your right.

From I-71 southbound:-Take the Third Street exit on the left toward DOWNTOWN/RIVERFRONT.-Turn LEFT onto Walnut Street.-Turn LEFT onto Second Street.

From U.S. Highway 50 westbound (Columbia Parkway):-Take the Sixth Street exit on the right.-Turn LEFT onto Sycamore Street.-Turn RIGHT onto Third Street.-Turn LEFT onto Walnut Street.-Turn LEFT onto Second Street.

From I-471 northbound:-Take the Third Street exit on your right after crossing the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge. -Take Third Street to Walnut Street. -Turn LEFT onto Walnut Street. -Turn LEFT onto Second Street.


The parking garage underneath Great American Ball Park can be accessed from the Pete Rose Way entrance (at the corner of Pete Rose Way and Broadway) or the Mehring Way entrance (facing the Ohio River). Once inside the garage, follow the signs for the Hall of Fame and Museum to access the elevator and stairwell that leads to the Hall of Fame entrance. Parking is $4 per vehicle. Nearby parking is also available on Third Street (parking meters).


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