Friday, September 09, 2005

There is no such thing as a normal homeschooler....

These where the words my oldest son said after I picked him up from an adventure camp retreat this past week! Of course he quickly followed that statement with the following "we are either weird, weirder or wierdest!"

I asked him which one he was and he laughed and said "weird". As I went through the list of the kids who had been on the retreat with him, I came to conclude that the "cool" kids were weird and some of the more stereotypic homeschooled kids were "weirdest". Unfortunately I tended to agree with his assessments!

He had a blast at the retreat which was held at Camp Kern. They did Pete's Peak, a High Ropes Course and a 40 ft. swing. There was plenty of time for socializing and hanging out. Of course the group, 12 boys, 12 girls, tended to break into smaller groups and my son happened to be in the only "co-ed" group (you know the "weird" kids)! One of the veteran homeschooling mom's organizes the outing (and she didn't even have a child attending this year!). It is such an awesome opportunity because the kids get to work on teambuilding skills while testing their own limits with a group of their friends!

I loved being the one to pick him up and get to hear his stories first hand while they were still fresh in his mind. I love that so much of it comes through uncensored (OK I am no fool, I don't believe my child tells me everything!). we even stopped at a "truckstop" and grabbed chili cheese fries so that I could spend more time listening to his stories. God, I love that kid!

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