Tuesday, September 06, 2005

WEBN Fireworks!
Sunday, September 5

Grant had a football game at 5 PM, so we didn't manage to make it down to the Ridiman's house until about 7 PM. They live in the historic district of Newport and always throw a party to celebrate the BIG WEBN fireworks on the river. By the time we got there, traffic was getting thick, but luckily we were able to snag a parking spot at the Library on a few blocks from their home (at the ever so reasonable rate of $6!). The older kids were really looking forward to the fireworks and I was looking forward to seeing Kas. The added bonus, our husbands would be meeting for the first time (in the 2 1/2 years Kas and I have been friends, their paths never managed to cross!).

Everyone but me, Kas, Cade and Will headed down to the fireworks. It was so nice to get to sit and talk to Kas alone! She was stressed over her in-laws...they really were being quite butts! Even my husband noticed. As we were walking to the car Jay says "who the heck is the bald guy that is so stuck on himself? Does he ever shut up or does he spend all of his time telling everyone how much better he is than they are?".....And you wonder why they call him the "anti-Kathy"!

Emily, Hannah, Tabby and Sophie came back about 2/3 of the way through the fireworks because Sophie was freaking out! I am hoping she doesn't end up being as afraid of them as Cade is (the poor kid trembles at the mere mention of them!). He did great hanging at the Ridiman's with the music turned up to block out the sound!

The picture is of Sophie and Shelby hanging out and eating at the party. It is so cute to watch their friendship continue to blossom, they really are best buds!

We ended up leaving too soon. We got stuck in gridlocked traffic. We should have waited until closer to midnight. Ironically as I sat in the traffic, all I could think about was what it must be like fleeing a hurricane and sitting on the evacuation routes. I got frustrated because nothing was moving, but I wasn't fleeing impending disaster!

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