Sunday, November 19, 2006

Climb-Ucopia at RockQuest

Flyer at the website, info on this event is half way down (not the $30 one at the top)

RockQuest is having an event from 4pm Saturday, November 18th until 4pm Sunday the 19th. For an entrance fee of a few canned goods, you can climb all you like during the 24 hour period

Entrance: 3 canned goods
Harness Rental: 1 canned good
Shoe Rental: 1 canned good
Belay Lesson: 2 canned goods
One climb: 1 canned good
Overnight fee: 5 canned goods

As you can see, for 6 cans per person, you are able to try indoor rock climbing (regular price would be $22)! The facility is located on the south side of East Kemper Road between Tri-County Mall and Reading Road (near Scarlet Oaks). 3475 East Kemper Road · Cincinnati, OH 45241 · 513-733-0123

WOW! What an absolutely AWESOME time. Deanne and I agreed to meet at RockQuest at 10 AM on Sunday (we were going to go at 9 AM but Emily had to go to the dance studio). I was a bit apprehensive about how crowded it would be, after all yoiu could get 6 canned goods for less than $3 and that was a savings of $19! So for less than $12 I was going to be able to let 4 kids climb (usually $88, a savings of $76!) . When I pulled into their lot, I actually wondered if the event had been cancelled because there was NO ONE there. We went inside and were greeted by an eager staff and found that only 1 other person was climbing (and had their own belayer) so for the 5 kids (Chris, Emily, Grant, Jacob and Cade) there were 4 belayers, so only one person ever had to wait (althoug the kids seemed to prefer climbing one or two at a time while they watched each other). Deanne and I both thought from the flyer that the kids would be permitted to climb the wall ONCE for our donation (we each brought some extra cans so they could make additional climbs) and were shocked to find out that they could climb as long as they wanted as long as a belayer was available and if a belayer wasn't available, they could boulder (free climb) with a mat under them. For over an HOUR AND 15 MINUTES we were the only ones there! As the kids approached what they decided would be their final climbs, 2 other boys came in. From talking to the staff they had been packed the evening before (running out of harnesses and people having to wait about 20 minutes to climb) so obviously early Sunday morning was the right choice (we had debated going up last night). On top of the great climbing experience (we have never rockclimbed at a facility like this) we were also FED, bagels and spreads from Panera!

Emily and Grant scaled the 40 foot wall their first climb. Jacob, Cade and Chris started out a bit slower on the 10 foot wall....believe me I'm not knocking it, I could have never even made it up 10 feet, I HATE heights! Cade never did make it to the top of the wall, but he had a blast. Everyone was asking in the van on the way home if we could climb again soon......unfortunately at the regular price, I doubt it will be something we do again soon, but I will stock up on can goods and we will definitely head back next year!

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