Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tour the new Cincinnati Police Historical Museum
Tuesday, November 14th; 10 am
Location: 959 W. 8th Street
Cost: Free, but donations accepted
Maximum number: 25 people (group is full)

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This is a link to a Cincinnati Post article about it - some pictures to see as well.

It's best if you GoogleMap the address, as it's on the corner of W.8th and Freeman Ave.

OK, so my directions off of Googlemap totally sucked and I ended up making 3 wrong turns, but we found the place by accident and we actually got there EARLY! The museum is realatively small but is packed with history. Our tour guide was a bit hard to understand (he talked really low) but it was still really neat to walk around and read all the displays. Will of course was drawn to the motorcycle they had on display and really didn't want to look at anything that didn't have to do with motorcycles. Luckily since the place is small, I was able to sit with him in the waiting area and I could still see all the kids.

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