Sunday, November 26, 2006

Geocaching, Round #2

Here is the email that I sent to Deanne, Sheryl and Carole:
Well, we appear to be on the one has been sick today, so I think tomorrow is a go for us.

Did we decide on Stansberry Park in Mt. Washington? They have picnic tables and playground equipment. I believe there are 5 caches there? I printed off the ones I could find BSA Tenderfoot, Get the Lead Out, Lair with Legs, Stanbery Cache, and Lil Stanbery Hollow. I also printed the ones for Withrow Nature Preserve, again I found 5....Church in the Vale, Lu-lu's Stash, Wishing You Well, BSA First Class, 10-10-220 but Withrow doesn't have any picnic tables or playgound equipment.

What time? I was thinking 10 AM....I have to leave by about 2:15 PM as I need to pick up a girl in Milford at 3:15 to take her down to Nutcracker practice with Emily.

I tried to figure it out from the map....cincy parks website is the best I can figure it, coming from 275 you would get off at the Five Mile Exit (Carole and Sheryl, you would turn left onto 5 Mile, Deanne, we need to turn right), follow to Beechmont Ave and turn LEFT onto Beechmont Ave, follow for a ways (couple of miles, you will pass McNicholas High School) and turn LEFT onto Corbly Rd (I believe there is a Kroger on this corner) and then make a RIGHT onto Oxford (first street), it looks like this is how you get into the park.....

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