Friday, November 17, 2006

Fujitec field trip!!!!

Friday, November 17; 10am – 12:30
Ages: geared towards 2nd grade, but older & younger children are welcome to attend
Organizer: Denise

Did you ever notice the Fujitec tower just off I-71 at the Lebanon exit? Fujitec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial elevator and escalator systems. During National Elevator and Escalator Safety Awareness week Fujitec would like to host 2nd graders on a field trip of their Lebanon, location.
The field trip program would entail a 2-2 ½ hour visit to the company’s facility. It will provide a fun way for these children to become acquainted with basic tips and information on how to safely ride elevators and escalators.

While the children are at our facility they will:
*Be entertained & guided by Safe-T-Rider, the Safety Foundation mascot.
*View an eight-minute video that guides children through safety rules for elevators, escalators and moving walkways.
*Take an oral test of 10 questions that are geared toward 2nd graders.
*Be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion.
*Receive a coloring book that repeats scenes and rules from the video.
*Participate in a guided tour of the Fujitec Research Tower, which will include a hands-on demonstration on the proper use of escalators and elevators.
*Enjoy a movie while waiting for their group’s tour.

They are located at State Route 48 and I – 71 just north of Kings Island in Lebanon. I’m sure you have seen the tower just off of the expressway. If you need to map it, the address is 401 Fujitec Drive, Lebanon OH 45036. When you arrive at Fujitec, you will come to a guard shack. Just tell them that you are there for a tour and they will direct you where to park and enter the building.

You just have to check out this HILARIOUS video that they showed us: we came home (after hanging out at Deanne's for a while so she could cut the boys hair and the kids could play!) and the kids just had to find it on the computer. Emily and Sophie can now do the "dancing" in the entire is an absolute stitch!

The tour was really neat. They have an elevator that you can see the counterweights in (very cool) and a glass sided escaltor that lets you see where those steps go (anyone else ever wandered about that??). Even Sophie really seemed to enjoy herself. Of course the coloring book and crayons helped. They also gave everyone a lanyard and a tote bag. Always great to go away from a FREE tour with GOODIES!

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