Sunday, March 25, 2007

2nd Annual Homeschool Geography Fair and POTLUCK!!
When: Sunday, March 25, 2007 3 PM
Who: ALL HOMESCHOOLERS (preschool to teens and anyone in between)
Cost: None
Where: Jr. OUAM Hall in St Bernard (directions sent upon RSVP)
What to Bring: Your project, stamp/sticker for marking passports, a dish to share (no NUTS or POPCORN please, due to food allergies!).

Come bring your family to an afternoon of “visiting” other countries in a fun way. At the start of the geography fair, we will hand out passports and each “traveler” will get their passports stamped as they visit each country/display.
Last year the following countries were represented: Austria, Australia, China (2), Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmar, Egypt (3), England (2), Galapagos Islands, India, (3), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Mexico (2), Netherlands,
Norway, Peru, Philippines, Scotland, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine (2).

To participate: Each child (or family, it can be a group project) choses a country and makes up a presentation on that country. Let your imagination be your guide: Cool things to share/explore about your country would be postal stamps, Currency, Embassy packages, Flags, Costumes and Folktales. The great thing about this opportunity is that any age child can participate and present their research to the best of their abilities. No competing! Certifi cates of participation (and possibly ribbons) will be given to each participant. The hall has plenty of electrical outlets so feel free to use one (or more)! Each participant must bring a stamp or stickers to use to mark the “visitors” passports (plan on stamping about 45 passports).

Projects can be set up from 3-3:30 PM at which time we will give each participant a chance to present their project to the group. At the conclusion of the presentations, certificates (and possibly ribbons) will be given to the participants. Similiar events have run until about 5 PM in the past.

We are also asking that participants bring a dish representative of their country to share(this can be as simple as chips and salsa or as elaborate as your cooking abilities allow!). We will have an international potluck as part of our event. Drinks, plates, silverware and napkins will be provided. Remember no nuts or popcorn please!

Families who do not want to make displays but still want to come and participate and “travel” are welcome, consider bringing a dessert or some kid friendly (nut free) munchies to share.

This year the following countries were represented: Peru,
Australia (2 ), Mozembique, Scotland, Ireland, Greece (2), Holland, The Netherlands, Japan, China, France, Costa Rica, Mali, Israel, Cuba

The kids had an absolute blast! Will insisted on doing a project too! He loves elephants so we chose Mali because we found an article about their migratory elephants! Jacob chose Israel because the country is named and fathered by his biblical namesake, Jacob. It is so neat to see the effort the kids put into their projects and the pride they take in presenting them. One little girl even presented an authentic Japanese tea ceremony! We had 3 families cancel at the last minute, I suppose the 80 degree weather and sunshine was a bigger draw! Sophia was so proud of her participation certificate that she fell asleep with it in her hands!


Melissa said...

This sounds like so much fun. Did you set this up for your group? I'd love to host something like this for our homeschool group. Tell me more!

Laura said...

Melissa, yes, I set it up for our group, it was really quite simple, basically I just sent out the blurb that you see on the blog and families signed up. The kids really seem to enjoy the fairs (we do a biography fair and a science fair as well). No competition, you just present what you want and everyone gets a certificate. If you need more details, you can email me at