Thursday, March 01, 2007

Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House
When: Thursday March 1, 2007 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Where: Ronald McDonald House 350 Erkenbrecher Ave (next to Children's Hospital)
Organized by: Hannah Riesenberg and Sarah Leland
Why: Because it is FUN!
Ages: 13 and up (no toddlers or younger siblings please!)
RSVP: Laura Riesenberg

We have changed up the menu for this month. Also this is the last month we will be going down until June (the previous coordinator has offered to take April and May for us!). RSVP and let me know if you will be joining us, sending food (and let me know if and where it needs to be picked up), or if you will be sitting this month out. I appreciate everyone's help.

5 lb ground beef:
5 lb ground beef:
5lb groud beef:
5 lb ground beef:
sloppy joe mix for 20 lbs of beef
20 lb of potatoes (for mashed potatoes):
4 dozen eggs for devilled eggs (boiled and peeled):
potato chips(2 large bags):
coleslaw (large container from GFS, maybe 5 lb)
Macaroni salad (large container from GFS, maybe 5 lb)
mac and cheese (6 boxes)
green beans (6 bags frozen)
seedless grapes (5 lbs)
hamburger buns (72 minimum)
brownies: (2 boxes, will bake at RMH)
Rice Krispie Treats: (2 9x13 pans)
cookies: (break and bake 6 dozen)

What great fun and what an AWESOME group of kids! We had one new girl join the group this month and she caught on quickly! The residents seemed thrilled with the meal, and the kids did just a great job, I was able to sit once most of the meal prep was finished. I tend to forget how hard it is on a pregnant body to be on your feet nonstop for hours at a time.

The next time we go back to RMH will be in June....hard to believe that the baby could be almost 2 months old by then...depends on how much longer it decides to keep baking!

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