Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chinese New Year Celebration
When: Wednesday, February 28; 1pm
Where: Chinatown Buffet 1015 U.S. State Rt. 28,
Who: ALL HOMESCHOOLERS (preschool to teens and anyone in between)
Cost: $5.79 for adults, cheaper for children 4-12, children under 3 free.

Join us at one of the largest buffets around!! The food is hot and wonderful! Large variety of choices! We plan to have lunch and do some crafts to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
Please RSVP to Laura so that we have enough supplies for all of the kids. Those of you who joined us last year know what a fun afternoon the celebration was, lets hope for a repeat of the fun this year!

Directions: Take I-275 to the Milford/ Rt. 28 exit (#57). If coming from points east, turn right onto Rt. 28/if coming from points west, turn left onto Rt. 28 (you will pass a Lowes on your right) the traffi c light that would let you into Lowes, turn LEFT onto Rt. will pass
a KMart, Ameristop, Swifty Gas Station...the Chinatown Buffet is located across the street from the Ford Dealership. If you get to Gold Star you have gone too far!

What a blast! Two new homeschooling families joined us, as well as some families we already knew. The food was GREAT and it was nice listening to and getting to know the new families. It is so interesting to meet new people and hear what it is that lead them on their homeschooling journey. One of the new families had a son, Sam, who was 12 and he really seemed to hit it off with all my boys and Chris, so hopefully he will come to something else soon!

Everyone gorged themselves on the buffet, I was so thrilled that they had the coconut shrimp that I just love (they only have it at lunchtime)! The kids made adorable ribbon dragons (thanks to directions in Family Fun magazine) and everyone got a bunch of handouts to color and work on that they could take home. One of the kids grandma's took tons of pictures, I hope she emails them to me so I can post them here!

Directions for the ribbon dragon can be found here: Just be forewarned that if you have a large group, a certain almost 13 year old who must cut out 6 feet for each dragon is likely to not be very happy!

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