Monday, February 05, 2007

Tour of EarthConnection a completely "Green" house
Monday Feb 5th @ 10:30am

From Gennifer:
I finally was able to get ahold of the Green House to set up a tour. I set it up for Monday Feb 5th @ 10:30am. This is a tour of Earth Connection a completely "green" house. We will get the history of Sister Paula, who began Earth Connection , the building materials used, tour of the Solar Panels used, and even be able to see how it is connected to the grid. If it is a sunny day we can see how it stores the energy from the sun, if it is cloudy we can see how the stored energy is used! Either way, should be really interesting and add depth to our architecture program.

Location: 370 Neeb Rd (in Delhi twp)Probably easiest to mapquest it, but once you get to Neeb rd most of you will take a Left on Neeb (if coming from the East) then go into the parking lot at the College of Mt St. Joe. You will go to the upper ramp of the lot and park back by the football stadium. You should see Earth Connection directly across from the stadium.

Rsvp to Deanne so we know to look for you.

This morning, at 9:30 AM, when the kids and I headed out to attend a tour of a place called EarthConnection, it was 0 degrees here (wind chill was registering at -15 degrees)! It warmed to a whooping 4 degrees by the time we drove across town (about 45 minutes). At least the sun is out and the sky is clear! Guess I should be grateful for this little heater I am lugging around! Wish that baby heat would go to my feet, they are FREEZING!

Sister Winnie was absolutely WONDERFUL and the tour was so informative. I learned more about solar energy, building materials and reusable architecture ideas in the 1 1/2 hours we were there than I knew in total before I got there! Emily was completely inspired and even took graph paper with her to the dance studio to work on her design for the architecture program. It helped that I showed them the area that they were designing their spaces to fill as we drove through there today! Hannah actually already has plans down on paper! I can't wait to see what the boys come up with!

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