Friday, February 02, 2007

Tour of Jungle Jim’s
Friday, February 2; 10 AM
Cost:$5.00 (includes 12 food samples, $2.00 coupon & tote bag)
Tour lasts about 1 - 1 1/2 hours
All ages invited to attend
No cameras or video inside store
Directions: Call them at 674 - 4000 or
Organizer: Deanne

RSVP by Jan.22 to Deanne (IMPORTANT: I'll be charged for no shows so unless it's an emergency let me know a few days in advance if you need to cancel.)

If your child is participating in the Geography Fair, let me know the country they're doing when you rsvp and Jungle Jims will try to have samples from some of those countries.

What a fun and interesting tour. We hadn't been out to Jungle Jim's in at least 3 years (I was pregnant with Will the last time I was there) and it was neat to have someone take you through the store and show you everything! I don't think I would have ever have noticed that they sold cow heads and sheep heads (apparently a great source of protein) or realized all the recycled materials that were used in the store. The kids had a ball and LOVED getting to spend their $2 coupon (can you say CANDY!). We will definitely make a trip back prior to the geography fair!

You aren't allowed to take pictures in the I snapped this one as we were leaving, it was just of our small group (minus Jessica and Lisa who had already left)....There were over 40 people on the tour!

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