Sunday, February 25, 2007

I am SO SICK of this weather!

So I am HOME and I can BITCH about this now...we were in Dayton yesterday for a dance competition, just the girls, Will and me...well when it was time to head home, the kids and I got stuck in an ICE STORM and Jay was watching the news here (we were 1 hr north of here) and DEMANDED I pull into the nearest hotel's parking lot and stay for the night (he said the roads here were getting bad and that they had declared a level 2 snow emergency in the county we were heading into).....the kids and I were SOAKED to the core (we had to walk in a downpour of sleet and ice to get to the car at the dance competition, all of the kids, including the 15 and almost 13 year olds were BAWLING by the time we made it to the care it was THAT MISERABLE), we grabbed food, ate and everyone took showers to try and warm up but it took us about 3 hours to even feel warm....bad thing was NO ONE except Will had any extra clothes (and he had them because of the diaper bag) really SUCKED! I am glad we pulled off though, the roads were icy and the mirrors on the van were frozen (in a passenger van you really use your mirrors to drive, far more than with a car or minivan) and the defroster wasn't getting the windows clear (probably because everyone in the car was so wet), but if I never have to stay in a hotel again with NO CLOTHES or NO TOOTHBRUSH it will be too soon!

We made it home safely this morning, they are expecting more rain and possibly ice overnight....I am so sick of this!

The competition itself was great. Emily did beautifully in her solo and Hannah's jazz group took the highest score overall for the entire competition.

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